Cruise Parking For Port of Miami Price and Map

Cruise parking for port of miami - Cruise parking can be a hassle for travellers, especially when visiting the Port of Miami. With so many options and different prices, finding the best spot for your vehicle cannot be easy. However, with some research and planning, you can make your cruise parking at port of miami experience as stress-free as possible.

How much is cruise parking at port of miami? Planning your cruise parking for port of miami in advance is crucial because it allows you to compare prices and services and find the best option. It also ensures you have a guaranteed spot for your vehicle, so you don't have to worry about finding parking on the day of your cruise.

Additionally, planning your cruise parking at port of miami in advance can help you save money. Many best parking for port of miami providers offer discounts for booking ahead of time. You can find the best deal for your budget by comparing prices and services.

Miami Cruise Parking Lot Costs

Cruising out of the Port of Miami is a popular vacation choice for many. Still, one aspect of the trip that can often be overlooked is the cost of parking. With so many options available, it cannot be easy to know where to park and how much is cruise parking at port of miami. In this article, we'll discuss the costs of the different parking options available for cruisers at the Port of Miami.

Parking Lot Daily Cost Distance To Port
Port Miami / Official Port Parking $22 0 Miles
Port Miami / Royal Caribbean Terminal $25 / $28 0 Miles
Safe Cruise Parking $11.50 2.5 Miles
Premier Cruise Parking $12.50 2 Miles
WeParkIn Miami $12 1.5 Miles

Official Cruise Parking at Port of Miami

Regarding parking options for cruise passengers, parking near the port of Miami at the official port lots is the most convenient and reliable choice. Although it may be the most expensive option, passengers can park right at the ship and have access to a garage close to each cruise terminal.

Keep in mind that the cost of overnight parking varies, with most terminals charging $22 per night and Terminal A at Royal Caribbean charging $25 per night for cruises of six days or longer and $28 per day for cruises of five days or less. Additionally, there may be extra charges for oversized vehicles.

Payment methods accepted for cruise parking at the port of Miami include credit cards, cash, and traveller's checks, but debit cards are not accepted. Passengers also have the option to choose between covered and uncovered parking options. To find the parking lot or garage, follow the signs to your ship as you arrive at the port.

Independent Parking Lots

Independent parking lots, also known as off-site parking lots, are parking facilities that are not affiliated with the official port or cruise terminal. These parking lots may be located farther away from the port. They may offer shuttle services to transport passengers to and from the terminal. 

Prices at independent parking lots can vary, but they are often less expensive than parking at the official port lots. However, it is essential to note that these parking lots may be less secure than the official port lots and may have a different level of convenience. It's critical to research and compares prices and services offered by both official and independent parking lots before deciding where to park.

Safe Cruise Parking

Safe Cruise Parking is a company that provides off-site parking for cruise passengers. They offer a variety of parking options, including covered and uncovered parking, as well as valet parking. They also provide a shuttle service to transport passengers to and from the port. 

Safe cruise parking at port of miami claims they have 24-hour security surveillance, and their facilities are fenced and well-lit. They also offer online reservations and the option to pre-pay for parking. Safe Cruise Parking operates in several cruise ports across the United States, including Port Canaveral, Port Miami, and Port Everglades. 

The cost of parking and the services offered can vary depending on the location. It's essential to check the specific details and prices for the port you are sailing from.

  • Cost: ~$11.50 per day (includes taxes & fees)
  • Distance: 2.5 miles (free shuttle provided) | 99 SW 2nd St.

Premier Cruise Parking

Looking for a safe,  secure and best parking for port of miami option in Miami? Consider this company that provides an indoor parking option for your vehicle. With multiple levels of covered parking, your car will be protected from the sun and heat in a garage environment.

Want to keep your car in a cool and covered environment while you are away on a cruise? The MET3 parking garage in downtown Miami is perfect for you. Located about a mile from the port, it offers a convenient and complimentary shuttle service to and from the cruise terminal. 

The cost for cruise parking near port of miami is approximately $11-12 per day, but with additional taxes and fees, a one-week cruise will amount to around $100. Be aware that the garage does not accommodate oversized vehicles.

WeParkIn Miami

If you want the convenience of cruise parking for port of miami as close to the port as possible, then this garage is an excellent choice. Situated just across the causeway from the port in downtown Miami, this parking spot is within minutes of the ships, making it one of the most accessible options available.

During our research, we discovered a cost-effective parking option at $9.99 per day, including arrival and departure days. Though, once taxes and fees are added, the total cost per day for a week-long cruise comes to around $12.00. This represents a savings of about 50% compared to parking at the official cruise terminal. Furthermore, this parking lot offers a shuttle service to transport you to and from Port Miami.

Miami Hotels With Cruise Parking

Where do you park for a cruise in miami? Suppose you're planning on staying in a hotel in the Miami area before your cruise. In that case, you can save on parking costs by taking advantage of parking packages offered by many hotels. Hotels such as DoubleTree, Comfort Suites, and Hampton Inn, among others, near the port, offer special daily parking rates or parking packages for cruisers. 

Booking a hotel room solely for the cruise parking at the port of miami package may not be cost-effective. But suppose you're already planning on staying nearby before your cruise. In that case, a hotel with a parking package can save you money over parking at the port. 

For example, a hotel room may typically cost $150 per night, but the park and cruise package, which includes parking for a week, may cost $180. This package cost is lower than the daily parking rate at the Port of Miami, which is $22 per day.

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