Norwegian Cruise Line a Good to Work For

Whether you are looking for a new career or you want to try your hand at the cruise line industry, there are some important things to consider before applying for a job at a cruise line. You should know what kind of ships are sailing, the price of the ship and the loyalty programs. You should also be aware of the entertainment facilities onboard.

Food in the crew cafeteria is poor

Unlike passengers, crew members don't have to go out of their way to get food. In fact, they often bring their own from land. Some cruise lines have a special perks scheme for certain rank levels that helps cover the cost.

For starters, crew members have a decent-sized mess room. The food is of a similar quality to that of a passenger restaurant. The staff is attentive and friendly. They were also quick to refill the water bottles and deliver the goodies.

The crew is also able to enjoy special events such as wine and cheese nights and noodle nights. These are a fun and cheap way to spend a day or two. The staff can also host their own passenger tables when the ship is in port.

Entertainment spaces are vast

Whether it's the latest iteration or an old timer that's been around the block, Norwegian Cruise Line's entertainment options are on par with their competition. If you're looking for a good time or a few beers with your gal pals, you're in luck. The aforementioned company has been at the business since 1974 and still boasts a storied fleet of more than 30 ships. In addition to the classics, the company has reimagined many of its vessels, namely the Grandeur and the Epic. With the aforementioned reimaginings, Norwegian Cruise Line has added a few new features to its roster. For example, they've added waitstaff to their outdoor dining options. Moreover, Norwegian's latest incarnations have a few tucked away hideaways, namely the adults only lounge and the aforementioned adults only pool.

Ships sail to Europe, North America and Asia

Guests who are ready to embark on a new adventure can choose among Norwegian ships sailing to Europe, North America and Asia. Norwegian ships feature a number of amenities and activities. The cruise line emphasizes comfortable accommodations, lively nightlife, and exciting shore excursions.

Norwegian Cruise Line is the fourth largest cruise line in the world. It operates midsize ships. Its ships feature 53,681 berths and offer a number of different accommodations. Norwegian ships also have casinos and bars. They feature Broadway-style shows and activities beyond the ordinary. Norwegian Cruise Line also offers a variety of services to help travelers plan their trip.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd is a public limited company. The company was founded by Ted Arison and Knut Kloster. In 2020, the company had 31,000 shipboard and shoreside employees. The company's revenue decreased by 80% due to the COVID 19 pandemic and travel restrictions.

Loyalty programs do not require requalification for status

Currently, Norwegian Cruise Line has three different tiers for their frequent cruiser program. Each of these offers an incentive to spend more time onboard. Depending on the tier, members are rewarded with complimentary onboard dining, free wine tastings and discounts on internet packages. The best part is that no matter which tier you qualify for, you do not have to requalify for your status again the following year. That means a lot of money saved for the savvy customer.

Latitudes, the frequent cruiser program of Norwegian Cruise Line, has a lot of perks. For instance, they offer members a free cruise for two. In addition, members receive discounts on shore excursions and drink packages. They also offer discounts on onboard spending, and a handful of special cocktail parties.

Ships charge per-person, not per room

Unlike most cruise lines, Norwegian ships charge per-person, not per room. This is due to the fact that Norwegian ships are large enough to accommodate all of their guests.

Norwegian ships have several different suite categories. Some of these include the Haven, a private suite complex at the top of the ship. This is where you can find upscale suites, private dining rooms, and fun amenities.

The Haven also has a pool and private lounges. In addition, Norwegian offers private dining in the Haven for passengers who are interested in dining in private. Some ships even offer "hibachi-style teppanyaki" restaurants, which is Japanese for "hot stone cooking".

The Haven is a great option for cruisers who are looking to stay in a private suite. Some of these suites have private pool areas and sundecks. However, the price of a high-end suite can be a little pricey. In July 2024, the Haven deluxe owner's suite on Norwegian Breakaway cost $1,485 per person.

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