Royal Caribbean Authorized Recruiter In South Africa

Getting a job on a cruise ship is not a walk in the park. Unlike other industries, cruise line applicants need to be well rounded and friendly in order to get the job. Cruise line workers come from all over the world, and make lasting friendships while at sea.

The cruise line recruitment industry has its share of scams. Some scammers claim to be a legitimate cruise line recruiter, while others attempt to collect money from job seekers by falsely claiming to represent a cruise line's human resources department.

Luckily, most cruise lines provide a list of reputable and authorized cruise line recruiters on their websites. They even provide contact information for these firms. It's up to you to verify these firms before you decide to apply with them.

Aside from the obvious, there are a few other cruise-related jobs to consider. Unlike other industries, cruise lines have no formal training requirements for their non-deck positions. Instead, they offer a fun and fast-paced work environment.

Royal Caribbean Authorized Recruiter In South Africa

1. Portside Consulting

  • Name : Portside Consulting
  • Address : Spaces, cnr Dock Road & Stanley, 8001
  • Phone : 063 769 4443
  • Web : http://www.portsideconsulting.co.za/
  • Hiring for : Entertainment, Hotel, Marine, Security, Specialty Management

Portside Consulting is a cruise ship hiring agency that provides contractual assignments to Officers and Crew of all ranks and positions to cruise lines and concessionaires worldwide.

2. Gourmet Recruitment International

  • Name : Gourmet Recruitment International
  • Address : Monk's Rest, Byrnewood Rd, Merrivale, Heights, 3291, Afrika Selatan
  • Phone : +27 73 295 4751
  • Web : https://www.grisa.co.za
  • Hiring for : Hotel

3. Atlantic Medical Recruitment

  • Name : Atlantic Medical Recruitment
  • Address : South Seas, 601, 129 Beach Rd, Mouille Point, Cape Town, 8001, Afrika Selatan
  • Phone : +27 823761175
  • Web : http://www.shipsdoctor.co.za/
  • Hiring for : Medical Positions

The cruise industry is big business. There are more than a hundred cruise ships in service. These vessels travel to over one hundred countries each year. Applicants must possess a valid passport and a valid medical. Cruise line recruiters or hiring partner may also require applicants to submit a cover letter and resume, as well as send a personal email.

Aside from the standard requirements, the cruise line industry also offers a plethora of entertainment options. These include informative presentations, trivia games, and exercise classes.

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